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Model E2 Electric Heavy Duty Winches

Electric Winches

American Crane & Hoist produces heavy duty electric winches that are made to take on the toughest lifting or pulling situations and environments. They are heavy duty, constructed with a minimum 5 to 1 structural safety factor. Our standard models come in many different lifting / pulling capacities, line speeds, drum capacities and we can modify our standard designs to fit our customers’ needs.

ACH heavy duty electric winches have large diameter drums that increase wire rope life. In addition, ACH offers additional equipment for electric winches such as: grooved drums, free spooling drums, drum cable pressure rollers, level winders, overspeed clutch, automatic brake, torque limiters, rotary geared limit switches, electric motor brakes (recommended for all hoisting applications), electric soft starts, frequency controls, weatherproof NEMA 4 / IP66 enclosures, and digital displays for line speed and cable paid out.

Replacement parts are available for almost every winch we have ever built and can be sourced from the S.O. Number (Shop Order Number) found on the Winch Name Plate and on the user manual. Additionally, the invoice number can be used to identify the jib crane.
Model E2CP Car Pullers

Car Pullers

Model A1 Heavy Duty Air Winches

Air Winches

Model HC Horizontal Capstans

Capstans for Winches

Model HS Spur Geared Hand Winches

Manual Winches

Series 50 Model PH Hydraulic Winches

Hydraulic Winches

Accessories for Winches

Accessories for Winches