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American Crane & Hoist manufactures both electric and air powered industrial winches. ACH industrial winches are built to provide reliability and assurance that it will handle the movement of industrial scale products and materials. ACH industrial winches are designed and constructed to provide the user with the best power and durability for a company’s lifting and pulling operations.

ACH industrial winches can have free spooling drums. They can be built with a torque limiter mechanical clutch that is automatically reset when excessive pull is released. In addition, there can be an automatic holding drum brake and electric shutoff. ACH industrial winches can have a cable drum pressure roller that assists in multiple layer reeving, keeps the wires taut on the drum when free spooling or when slack line occurs. Our industrial Car Pullers have two wire ropes that wind and unwind evenly to allow pulling in 2 directions without having to reatach the wire ropes. For very long line pulls our ERP continuous car puller can pull and unlimited amount of wire rope.

ACH winches used in industrial applications and settings have a totally enclosed motor which is part of the ACH high torque crane and hoist duty motor with a starting capacity of a minimum two times running. The industrial winches have drum support bearings as part of ACH heavy duty roller bearing assemblies. Industrial winches have an all steel fabricated winch base and drum for maximum durability with minimum 5 to 1 structural safety factor.

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