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Monorail Components

American Crane & Hoist sells a variety of monorail components that are used to create the right monorail system for a particular company or manufacturer’s needs. Monorail components include track sections made from Patented Track, I-beam track, or our fabricated Girder Rail track. Support components include hangers, hanger rods, and beam clamps. Track can be braced using standard steel pipe cut to fit and our pipe clamps brackets. Monorail switches and turntables are components that change track and can be made from our standard rails or made to fit whatever track our customers are using. Switches components include Glide Switches, Tongue Switches, and Cross Track Switches. Electrified Switches and Electrified Turntables are available. Curve section can be made to fit any curve radius or degrees. Trolleys will determine the minimum curve radius. Our standard trolleys are available with 2, 4, or 8 wheels. Our articulating trolleys have wheels that rotate to allow them to travel around a small curve radius. Trolley fittings such as load hooks, load eyes, and swivels allow any type of hoist to be attached to the trolleys. Tractor drives are available to motorize the travel or hoist and trolleys through a monorail system. Hoist and tractor drives can be controlled by a pendent control or a radio control. Electrical components including conductor bar (Kant-Shock), collectors, and cable reels provide power to the monorails hoist and tractor drives as they travel. Special monorail sections include lift drop sections to raise and lower the hoist and trolleys, interlocks to interlock the monorail with an overhead crane, and weight scale sections to weigh a load while it is suspended from the monorail.

Replacement parts are available for almost every monorail we have ever built and can be sourced from the S.O. Number (Shop Order Number) found on the monorail Name Plate and on the user manual. Additionally, the invoice number can be used to identify the monorail.

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