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American Crane & Hoist offers motorized jib cranes which add a motorized drive unit to our standard jib cranes. The motorized jib cranes incorporate a soft-start for smooth acceleration or a frequency drive for smooth acceleration and multiple speeds. Brakes can be added as an option to decelerate and hold the boom in position. The Series 400 motorized jib cranes are designed for heavy duty, high cycle, and production operations. Series 200 motorized jib cranes have been designed for standard duty, general purpose, and maintenance operations. The motorized jib cranes can achieve 360° continuous rotation with electrical collector rings that can be furnished for customers who desire continuous rotation.

American Crane and Hoist also makes a retrofit motorized drive unit that can be installed onto an existing jib crane to change it into a motorized jib crane. Retrofit motorized drive units can be supplied with controls including soft-starts or frequency drives.

Replacement parts are available for almost every jib we have ever built and can be sourced from the S.O. Number (Shop Order Number) found on the Jib Crane Name Plate and on the user manual. Additionally, the invoice number can be used to identify the jib crane.

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